New Game: Splash Canyons for iPhone/iPad

I just released my latest game Splash Canyons, it can be downloaded here: Splash Canyons

The game is compatible with most iOS devices, including ALL newer devices (including the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6/6 Plus).

Here is a gameplay video:

Here is a game description:

Splash Canyons is a unique and awe inspiring puzzle game. Watch as you mix brightly colored liquids into deep canyon pools.

Despite sounding easy, this gets harder in every level. Weave the water around and through obstacles like rocks, glass, wind, and more as you solve these beautiful puzzles.

Each level is hand crafted to perfection to give you the ultimate puzzle solving experience. What might be most mesmerizing is the liquid, beautifully rendered and simulated with a real time physics engine, for maximum fun and realism.

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