New iPhone Game Mix It Up!

Download Mix It Up! Here :!/id774218971?ls=1&mt=8

Mix It Up! is a unique liquid physics based iOS puzzle game. Players cut wood blocks, which releases colored liquid through an obstacle course of wind, rocks, odd shaped walls and elevator shafts. Most levels have multiple solutions. The game uses realistic liquid physics and advanced mixing effects.

Update: short gameplay video, not a trailer : 

Mix It Up! Should be released on December 12 (if all goes well). This game is different from other liquid based games because it uses cutting physics as its main game mechanic.

Players slice blocks of wood to mix the colored water to get it into the right pond. By slicing these blocks, players are able to maneuver the colored water into its container. Failing to mix the water into the correct water means no points are gained. The level is won by mixing the correct color of water into the corresponding pond. The player can earn up to three stars by filling the ponds with more water than needed.

This game is different from other games as it combines slicing physics with fluid physics and mixing. The biggest problem this game brought was getting the fluid to collide nicely with the blocks and to keep it running fast. It took a while to finally figure out how I wanted to use the liquid physics I created but I was finally able to come up with an original, interactive and fun game.

If you have any comments or question please feel free to ask, I would love to answer them.



6 thoughts on “New iPhone Game Mix It Up!

  1. Causeless

    Wow, very cool!

    Any chance of a tech blog explaining some of the difficulties of implementing water physics, how difficult or easy mixing was to integrate, and how you kept it so stable when interacting with your wooden rigid bodies?

    Sounds like a weird thing to ask about, but I’m really into all this tech stuff and it amazes me how games have popped up on the iPad that utilise fluid physics in a gameplay sense, despite the pretty huge gap in power between modern PCs and tablets (thoug, they are catching up!)

    Thanks in advance, and great game!

  2. new2objectivec

    Your game is amazing!

    SImilar to above comment, any chance of writing a simple tutorial or point to the right direction about handling liquid/water physics? Have been looking around but couldn’t find much info on this.

    Found a little bug though, if I just tap on the forward button on upper right hand of the screen, the game allows me to move on to the next level, again and again, without even have to do anything. Something to fix in your next release?

      1. new2objectivec

        Thanks for the quick response.

        It would be really appreciated if you can start from a simple tutorial about the technologies involved (e.g. spritekit, Cocos2d, Cocoa, …etc ot any special libraries) to create liquid physics in iOS games. Then may be a few simple projects for creating a few water drops flowing down certain surfaces or something like that.

        Or for example, I found the info provided in this site quite interesting:
        but don’t know how to port that over to iOS, if you can provide some sample or hint that would be really helpful.

        Thanks a lot!

        1. Joshua Wilde

          Ok. For starters I used Cocos2D as a graphics framework and to start you can just render the liquid particles as simple circular sprites. As far as the liquid physics, you can either write your own liquid physics engine and integrate it with something like Chipmunk or Box2D, or you can use an already existing physics engine like Liquid Fun. I chose to write my own engine and used this tutorial as the base: If you have any more questions feel free to ask.


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